Thứ Năm, 17 tháng 2, 2011


Halloween has barely passed
Thanksgiving is still weeks away

and Christmas is already here

Its on the web
In our magazines and the catalogs in our mailboxes
And appearing on the shelves in the department stores
It comes earlier each year

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm the least bit unhappy about this
let me clue you in.
I'm thrilled
Christmas is a designer's dream..

Christmas is Magical
and I can't wait!

A beautiful holiday requires a little pre-planning. 
I like to change mine up a little each year -
(use different ribbon or add another element to the mantle)

Color unifies your home, creating a lovely transition from room to room
Perhaps its time you look at your holiday decorations to see if they need a little face lift
(retire the tired ribbon and anything remotely resembling the 80's or 90's)

Explore the color RED
The first color that comes to mind when we say Christmas

the color of Santa's suit

candy canes


and amaryllis

red warms a wintry scene

creates excitement and drama
adds a pop of color

to any corner of the room
red is warm

red is romantic

red is inviting

it draws your eye
creates excitement

and is a perfect complement to green

It blends beautifully with silver

is cheery with white

looks amazing with icy blues
You can't go wrong with RED

This year, think of the details
The finishing touches that make Christmas unique
Like luscious red ribbon and bits of nature adorning your dining chairs

This year, carry Christmas to every room of your house
Wreaths and ribbon in the bedroom

or festive pillows in the family room

Create a feeling of anticipation
in each room of your house

I love love love this arrangement
of glass candy canes, berries and frosty branches
Wouldn't it look wonderful in a guest bedroom
or a kitchen?
Announce the colors of Christmas
at your front door

Create anticipation for what is to come....

scatter Christmas in unexpected places

and unexpected ways
you're not just decorating

you're creating memories
that will never be forgotten

and your home will never be more beautiful

than at Christmas time
the warmth of your home

should extend to the exterior as well
add those charming touches that invite

let nature speak with fresh flowers like
potted amaryllis and poinsettias

fresh fragrant evergreens
add the glow of candlelight
and twinkling strands of Christmas lights

and embrace RED
casual RED
elegant RED

inviting RED
warming RED
exciting RED

charming RED
whimsical RED

What RED are you?

a little red goes a long way
use it for dramatic tablescapes

or use for warm entries
use it to create a beautiful focal point
or a small accent....

Christmas is coming...
and then family - the best part

and reverence
and the reason
and joy

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