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Mother gifts: Make Hair Accessories tutorial

From recylcling old buttons !

Make Your Own Hair Accessories !
I needed a birthday gift for a seven year old little girl .
So yesterday I made a set of pony tail holders. I used Two black retro buttons from my huge button collection and two plain buttons I covered with fabric and sewed them together. Then I add some pink lace and sewed them to some elastic .Then I found a piece of grey cardboard to hold them on, then printed a label and glued it on. I sent them to our little friend Geni in Sydney today . I have included a tutorial of how I made them if any one would like to make designer ponytail holders. That's what I like most about making gifts for family and friends, no one in the world will have the same thing. Its an original ! I hope she likes them . I love making girl stuff I have so many pink fabrics and lots of other bits and pieces and I have 3 sons ..I might get some grand daughters one day, then I'll be in my element making dresses and little bags and dolls clothes and lots of hair accessories. I hope I haven't passed it by then. So if you have daughters and grand daughters or nieces or other girls in your circle of family or friends this is a great way to use up any old buttons you have. Another great recycling project .

Step 1.
Cut a circle bigger then the button you want to cover


Step 2.
Start with a knot in the cotton and sew around the edge.

Step 3.
Now place the smaller button in the centre and pull up cotton tight and sew to secure it well.

Step 4.
It should look like the picture below.

Step 5.
I joined the buttons together through the holes a few times. This was my first attempt to make these it would be best to sew them straight to the elastic now while you have the needle and cotton in it already .I will do the same with the next ones I make .

Step 6.
For the lace trim sew around it try to pull it between the two buttons and sew to secure it in place .
It was a bit fiddly, so next time I will sew it to the underside of the small covered button first that will be a lot easier.

Step 7.
You could either buy hair elastics to sew buttons on or make your own by cutting the length of elastic you want and tying it into a knot to join the ends .
Step 8.
To give then as gifts you can cut a piece of cardboard and push them on ,you could also print out a label with persons name, makes it more personable. you can make lots of changes to suit yourself ,with or without lace. if they are fancy buttons don't cover them .

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