Thứ Bảy, 25 tháng 12, 2010

mother day gifts and father day gifts

In honor of Father's Day, try a little napkin origami. Fold dinner napkins into shirts to create fun place settings. Note, however, that a recent study showed 7 out of 10 dads won't even notice. (Not really; I just made that up. But I think it might be true. Another study showed 100% of dads did notice money origami, though.)

Here's how to fold a napkin shirt. You'll need to press all your creases, so get out your iron. Or just use paper napkins and skip the ironing.

1. Place the napkin face down. Fold all four corners to the center. (My napkin wasn't quite square, so I had to overlap one of the flaps to achieve a square shape with nice corners.)

2. Fold the left edge to the center, then the right edge.

3. Turn the napkin over. Fold about one inch down from the top.

4. Turn the napkin over again. Fold each of the top corners diagonally inward to the center. This is the collar.

5. Lift each bottom flap and fold outward, making a crease that's roughly parallel to the collar fold above it. These are the sleeves.

6. Fold the entire bottom half of the napkin upward toward the collar and tuck it under the collar flaps.


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