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Crafty jewelry : make a Gold Spiral Pendant

Welcome to the first of my Re-purposed jewelry tutorials...
India's love of gold is legendary and every Indian woman longs for a special piece of gold jewelry that is distinctly hers...It could be a Yazh kada (a cuff), it could be a Kasumalai (coin necklace) or it could even be a polki jumkha....For me it is a coiled pendant. Ever since I saw one in the D'damas ad in the mid nineties, I have fallen in love with it. I still remember the visual - a design akin to a serpent coiled around its stone (the nagaratnam).
That's how far my love for spiral stuff (remember mywire swirls post) dates back to. So Instead of creating a knock off of the original, I decided to make my own design of a Spiral-coiled pendant..Incidentally some time back my mom had got a fake gold chain for RS.35 from a street vendor and it was too shiny to be worn but perfect for this design.
Spiral Pendant
Things required : 1) A long gold chain(those cabled - close looped ones are good- the size of your pendant will depend on the length of your chain - so choose accordingly)
2)clear Glue (I use fevibond - it sticks fast and the bond is really good)
3) a piece of  fabric felt - in flesh/skin colour (the nib painting varieties - where it is soft on one side and rough on the other)

4) some jump rings (I used 3 apart from the one that was already attached to the chain)
5) any other matching chain or cord to string the pendant in
Process: It is an effectively simple process. Fold the chain in two and lay it out after removing the clasp(leave the jump ring on) to make sure it is flat without any turns and knots. Now lay it as is on a piece of felt. (I prefer to cut the felt only after sticking down the chain..its much easier that way). Make sure that the strands are always parallel to each other..
Apply a dab of glue in the centre, hold the chain in place (with a plier or your hand) and start twirling the chain in the glue.
Now you have got the centre of the pendant.

Apply a concentric trail of glue and continue to twirl the strands"Strictly one at a time". If you turn both strands together, you'll lose the shape and there will be gap in the middle.

Keep twirling till you come to the end of the chain where there is (or you have pre-attached) a jump ring.
Let it dry for atleast an hour

Cut off the extra suede around the pendant as carefully as possible (the glue would have hardened your pendant by now) and set it aside for some time. Then add as many jump rings as your want (I added 3) to make a good bail. 

For all purposes you pendant is ready.  
Now you can string it to a piece of heavy braided cord or multiple cords or like me in another chain and you can keep changing it as per your mood :)

Have fun making it
Divya N

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