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Immaculate Heart

So, I had this idea back in January that I would post something heart-related every day in February, and would have a whole month of hearts here on my blog. Since today is the 10th and this is my first heart post, you can see my plan didn't quite work out! ha! Good intentions.....
But I am here today, and wanted to share with you a little project I finished not too long ago. I have long loved hearts and the symbolism behind them, and I am especially fond of Immaculate Hearts. Here are a few of the Immaculate Hearts I have that inspired this project.
Sacred hearts

I started with a small styrofoam heart and wrapped it in velvet ribbon, for a sort of candy cane effect. Shsupplies2
Then I began the process of covering it with sequins and beads. This takes so much longer than you would think! When I made my sequin-covered Christmas ornament, I actually found it to be calming and relaxing to create so repetitiously.
I used pink sequins, tiny aged pearls and gold pins.
Next I embroidered a fancy A and  M on some linen and attached it to the back of the heart. These letters are a monogram for the Virgin Mary, are always found on Immaculate Hearts, and stand for Auspice Maria, which is Latin for "under the protection of Mary".
Sh2 Sh1 
I added 7 pins that traditionally represent the Seven Sorrows of Mary, and feathers and pieces of old jewelry to look like the flames at the top of the heart.
My version of The Immaculate Heart, feathers and
Do you want to see what has been inspiring my sequin & pin art lately? These pretty vintage Easter eggs that I found at an antique mall in Williamsburg last summer. I l-o-v-e them! Love the colors, designs, everything about them. I've already started to make some eggs too....would love to have a basket-full by Easter!
Vintage sequin eggs
Hopefully, I'll be back here at least once more before Valentine's Day to share some more heart love.

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