Thứ Ba, 15 tháng 2, 2011

Crochet Bangles and Ugly Jewelry Rehab

I've been holding on to a special skein of wool for some time now. I take it out to look longingly at it every now and then, but haven't quite put my finger on it's real purpose. It wasn't so expensive that I can't part with it but the colors are really so deep and lovely that I can't think what to do with it.

At least I couldn't until I saw a recent post by CreativeJewishMom. Why not crochet around some dollar store bangles?

Well, not these bangles I soon found out. The bendy nature of their shape makes for a wonky final product which, when translated to crochet, makes the bracelets look a bit sloppy.

But wait, don't I have some big wooden bangle that I have never used, hiding in a crafting drawer, waiting to be crocheted?

Why yes, I believe I do.

I'm happier with this round, clean looking final product. Also the large band of the bangle shows off all the colors in such a bold way that I'll be happy to pass this along as a gift. As an added bonus, the wool makes this bracelet really very warm to wear. After all, I like the idea of gifting something that is not only beautiful but practical as a multi-tasking accessory.

"Why not just wrap the yarn?" you may ask yourself as I did when I started on this project. Wouldn't the effect be the same and take less time in figuring out how to get the slipknot around that bangle. My personal answer is two-fold.

1. I like the finished look of the crochet which gives the piece an edge to the design but also...

2. If you start with a large skein you will either have to unravel and approximate how much yarn will be needed to wrap the entire surface or continually cut huge lengths to accommodate the wrapping (the ball of yarn just wouldn't fit through the hole).

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