Thứ Hai, 14 tháng 2, 2011

Crafty jewelry: Brassiere wire necklaces

Today I've got something I think you are going to like.
For the necklaces I am showing below, I used the wires of a brassiere.
I cannot stand the poking and jabbing of the underwire and I always take the wire as soon as I buy the brassiere. And you guess right. I never get rid of them.

So here is what I made with a pair.

Take the wire and crochet it all around
but stop near the edges and secure by tying.

Crochet some flat flowers. I made two of each color.

Sandwich the wire with each flower 'pad' and
stitch all around to secure it.

Make up your own design. Add some leaves....

... and some buds.
Crochet two strings and attach them to both sides of the wire.
Thus the length is adjustable.

And your new necklace is ready!


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