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envelope purse: a tutorial

Envelope Purse
What an enthusiastic response you gave to my natural first aid kit! I know many of you are excited to make one of your own, especially since they are quick and easy. These little purses are far too handy to carry just band-aids and remedies. I'm sure you'll come up with tons of different uses and innovative customizations. I'd love to see them, so please consider adding photos to the flickr group... there are some great things happening over there!
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-two rectangles of fabric measuring 7x15 inches
-button -elastic cord or hair band

1. Place fabric right side to right side and fold in half length-wise.
2. Cut on an angle from the fold to 2 inches down the side. Use a straight edge.

3. Pin the elastic between the two layers at the top point. See photo. Pin the rest of the purse.

4. Sew around the perimeter (1/4 inch seam allowance), leaving several inches open for turning at the bottom.
5. Clip corners, careful not to cut too close to seams.
6. Turn so that the right sides are now out and press with an iron.

7. Sew shut the bottom. Use a decorative stitch or zigzag if you feel inspired.
8. Fold up the bottom to form your pocket and pin. You choose how far up you want it to go.
9. Starting at the bottom, sew up one side. Back stitch at the place where the fold ends to secure it. Continue around the entire envelope, remembering to back stitch the other side where the fold begins. I did not stitch the bottom, but you may choose to.

10. Fold over the top of the envelope and attach button.

Done! Wasn't that quick? Don't you want to make a dozen?! A great suggestion from one of your lovely comments was to add belt loops so that you could carry your kit hands free if you were hiking or chasing kids around a playground. I gave it a try...

and when I looked for a model, only my nephew was wearing a belt. Seeing it on him made me realize how perfect this adaption is for men, who rarely have a handbag to toss a first aid kit into.

Happy summer sewing!

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